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March 25, 2014

Besides being named one of 2014 Top Photographers, another exciting feature in the Spring issue of Martha Stewart Weddings is this oh-so-romantic and stylish destination wedding in St John, US Virgin Islands. After falling in love with this little Caribbean paradise, Samantha & Peter decided to have an intimate celebration with a few close friends and family members. Mary of Island Style Weddings helped them plan their wedding at a gorgeous private estate overlooking lush hills and pristine bays. Félicitations Sam & Peter! 




Their wedding is also featured online at Martha Stewart Weddings website:




Location: Hawksview Estate

Event Planning & Design: Island Style Weddings

Bride’s gowns: Elegance By Roya (ceremony); Elizabeth Fillmore (reception)

Catering: East West Catering

Flowers: Roses Too

Videography: Louis Lucas

Stationery: The Dandelion Patch

Cake: Creative Catering

Hair: Grapevine Salon

Groom’s attire: Noni Chullani of The Signature Collection


February 15, 2014

Julie+Alvaro are a French-Spanish couple from Barcelona. After hearing about their story, I understood that Formentera was not a random wedding destination for them. This island is part of their history and their heart. They met and spent summers together as kids/teenagers, and several years later, they reconnected in Barcelona. They keep returning to Formentera regularly, so that’s where they decided to have get married in an intimate, simple, meaningful celebration.

Now, let me tell you a little bit more about their special place… Formentera is Ibiza’s little sister, without the touristy resorts and giant parties. The tiny, quiet island started attracting artists and hippies in the 60′s and 70′s. Amazingly, it has kept a bohemian vibe and remains unspoiled, secluded and strictly environment-friendly. Only 3 villages over 12 miles, very few paved roads, no airport. I stayed in a house lost in the middle of pine trees and cactuses, with no internet connection, no cell phone reception and limited water supply… No better way to get immersed in nature and feel inspired by the island’s myriad of colors, textures and scents.

Julie & Alvaro wanted photographs that captured not just their wedding, but also the essence of Formentera – so it was an honor that they welcomed me onto their island to be a part of their special day.






Some portraits we shot in various locations around the island. Hopefully these give you a feel of Formentera.



February 02, 2014

When I first met Tomoko+Romain, a French-American couple from New York, they struck me as such elegant people. After getting to know them and shooting their engagement session in Central Park, I realized they were also incredibly sensitive and romantic souls. They got married at Chateau de Dangu, a beautiful estate in the countryside between Paris and Normandy. Knowing Tomoko, who is a beauty editor for a fashion magazine, and chatting about their wedding plans, I imagined their big day was going to look as lovely and stylish as she is. And it was! But what really touched me was how friendly and sensitive they both are, and how much they trusted me to capture their big day. All their international friends and families came together to celebrate, and as a French-American myself, it was fun and moving to capture this mix of cultures and traditions. During the cocktail hour, the entire wedding party – led by the French family – broke into a surprise choreographed dance… and the fun continued throughout the night!






January 28, 2014




If you follow me on instagram or Facebook, you perhaps saw that I was in Greece a few weeks go. Santorini is one of the most stunning location I’ve ever seen, and Julie + Romain could’ve not picked a better destination for their wedding. They gathered their closest family and friends for a beautiful celebration that felt emotional, elegant yet relaxed and fun. Felicitations Julie+Romain!

If you’d like to see more images from this trip, feel free to visit my other photography blog where I share my personal, editorial and commercial work.

SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona Fiona029SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona J+R-2081SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona J+R-1381SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona




A few more portraits of the newlyweds…


SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona SantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFionaSantoriniGreeceWedding-MademoiselleFiona



Wedding Planner: Santorini Glam Weddings

Cocktail location: Rocabella

Dinner location: Aghios Artemios

Bride’s Dress: J-Crew

Bride’s Shoes: Lanvin


January 02, 2014

What a great way to start this new year! Tomoko+Romain‘s beautiful destination wedding in France is featured by Martha Stewart Weddings. Click in the image below to see the full feature.

Bonne Année!





LocationChateau de Dangu


CalligraphyDanica Cindell

Music: Arnaud Charpentier

MakeupAkiko Sakamoto

FlowersL’Atelier Fleuriste



November 08, 2013

I love these two… such fun, sweet, genuine people. I first got to photograph Shiva+Brian’s small wedding ceremony in California, at the beautiful City Hall of San Francisco. We met again in Paris, with their closest friends and family members. It was a gorgeous summer day to have an outdoor wedding by the Seine River. After getting ready in a beautiful apartment in Le Marais, they held a  ceremony along the river banks, followed by a reception on a boat with beautiful views of the city. Marie-Emilie from Mon Plus Beau Jour helped them plan and design their Parisian celebration. Carrie of Pink Toast Ink created their lovely stationery and details. Duncan Wolfe worked his magic to create this amazing film. I love what happens when you put together a fun couple, a beautiful destination and a rad team of vendors. Enjoy!


MademoiselleFiona MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding001MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding002 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding003 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding004MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding005MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding006 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-0127 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding007 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding008Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-0677MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding012MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding009MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding010 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding011 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-0505 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding045 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding046 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding047 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-0740 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding049 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-2337 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding013 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-1114 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona- MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding015 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding016 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-1892MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding018 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding042 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding044 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-0925 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-0975 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-0898 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-0794 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding039 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-0365 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding040 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-0371Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-1139MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding036 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-1261 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-0619 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-2073 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-2064 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding034 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding035 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding037 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding032 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-2069 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding038 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-2424 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding019 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding023 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding020 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding021 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding022 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding024 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding026 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding028 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-2213 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding030 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding031Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-2418-2 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-2406-2 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-1313 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-1267 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding051 MademoiselleFiona-ParisDestinationWedding052 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-2683 Paris-Destination-Wedding-MademoiselleFiona-2748





October 09, 2013

Coming soon… a dreamy, intimate wedding on the magical island of St John, USVI.





It was a pleasure working with Island Style Weddings, and I can’t wait to share more from this beautiful destination wedding!


September 11, 2013

I can’t resist sharing a little preview of a lovely wedding in Provence. Coming very soon!



It’s a lovely midsummer evening in Paris and I feel like sharing a few words…


So far it’s been a busy wedding season and I’ve had a hard time keeping up with everything, so first I want to say sorry for the lack of regular blog updates. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to be able to do this awesome job and work with such wonderful couples all over. Thank you for your kindness, trust and patience!

I still call Brooklyn home and I’m still a “New York wedding photographer”, but I’ve actually been away from home a lot lately and haven’t shot in NYC very much. If you want to follow my wanderings, here are my updated travel dates.

This season has been fun, beautiful, exciting and a bit tiring (hello, jetlag!). I had an amazing time photographing this lovely wedding in Greece. Over the past few months, I also had the chance to explore and shoot in Italy, France, Switzerland, Thailand, Mexico, Virgin Islands, Dubai, Hawaii, California… and I’m excited for all the beautiful weddings and destinations ahead.

My iPhone has been following me everywhere and I love sharing snapshots. Until I get to blogging all these weddings and travels, you can get a glimpse of my little adventures and daily inspirations on instagram (follow @fionaconrad). I also try to update my other photography blog.


I love meeting up new people and old friends along the way, so if you would like to talk about a wedding, portrait session or just grab coffee in one of the locations, feel free to say hi.

Happy Summer to all of you!


June 27, 2013

A little sneak peek of Alaina+Simon’s wedding at Lake Como last month…